King Street Dynamics

Understanding our Larger Issues – King Street Vitality

Ensuring that King Street remains a vital and viable “Main Street”
The most compelling reason that King Street has survived many of the recent tectonic changes in the retail industry is because consumers are bored with the homogeneity of “clone” shopping centers and chain stores , recognize that our King Street is a real “place”. It is not only a center for niche market shopping, nor just a tourist destination, but also the stage for much of Old Town’s (and Alexandria’s), civic, cultural and social life. Sustaining it is more than keeping the tenant occupancy levels up, but also maintaining a balance between shops, restaurants and “experience” activities and events such as street performances, historic interpretations, and art fairs.

In practical terms, therefore, it is important that we support the local shops and restaurants at the same time engage in a constructive dialog with the City and the business community in debating their efforts to promote and energize King Street. After all, the vitality of King Street is a reflection on the health of our community; declining retail activity will stigmatize the entire community.

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