Our Background Issues

Understanding our Larger Issues

While the waterfront planning and development process has dominated our agenda, there have been other reoccurring issues like impacts of infill development and traffic and parking, that never seem to go away. However, in the past few months the latest efforts of the OTCA Board have also turned to building and maintain our membership, finding out what our members would like us to cover, and developing ways to reach out to a younger demographic. This last is important if we are to sustain OTCA as a viable voice of our community as it changes with an influx of young people and younger families.

The OTCA Board’s job is to listen to the members, and work to set an agenda to deal effectively with the challenges that are most critical to our community. All of us agree that our overarching priority is to preserve our quality of life and the unique urban life style that is Old Town. To do this effectively, we cannot look at our community in a vacuum. Old Town may be historic, but it is not a museum; we are after all, a living breathing community where change, growth, and new complexities are all part of urban life. This means developing a collective awareness of the external forces that are most likely to affect us. We must always be proactive in dealing with the City and the business community, and be ready for change without losing our self-identity or sense of place.

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